Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an accredited college?

Charis Bible College is unaccredited. We are a practical training school. Many attend to answer a call from God and prepare for ministry. Others come just to develop their own personal relationship with the Lord. Charis offers the ideal environment for transformation, as your mind is renewed by the Word of God. For some, this two-year commitment has restored their lives and their faith. For some, it has been the beginning of a new adventure with God. And for others, it has been the discovery of God's call on their lives. If God is calling you to Charis, be obedient and take the first step to fulfilling your God-given destiny.

Upon the successful completion of the second-year Practical Ministry Training and upon meeting the necessary requirements, the student will receive a Charis Diploma. You will also be eligible to apply for the third-year program at any worldwide Charis campus.

What is the cost of tuition?

The cost of tuition for an academic year at Charis Bible College Canada typically is around $4200 when paid upfront in full. Admin fee, graduation fee etc. may be applicable on top of the tuition depending on the year applied for.

For a complete list of all applicable fees, please visit the Pay Fees section under Admissions or email us at

Do you accept student scholarships or government grants?

Since we are an unaccredited training school, most grants or scholarships will not apply to us. However, we have a church matching scholarship program where you can get up to $1000 off your tuition fee.

Do you have a work study program?

No, we do not have a work study program currently in place.

Do you offer summer school?

No, Charis Toronto currently does not have a summer school program.

How soon do you need my application and when is my first payment due?

Please submit your application along with your $100 non-refundable application fee immediately to assist us in adequately preparing for your arrival. Your tuition (whether paying by month, term, or year) and one-time fees are due no later than the 1st day of school.

How long is the course?
Our school year starts after labour day and goes until the beginning of May. Each course
of study has 8 lessons, which are 50 minutes long. In order to become a graduate of CBC
Toronto, you must complete your first two years. Students who wish to complete their
third year in our leadership program, must apply and go through an interview process.

Can international students apply?
Charis Bible College Toronto is not recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as a "designated learning institution" and is therefore unable to assist international students in acquiring student visas to study abroad in Canada. We do not take any responsibility for a student's immigration status. It is the sole responsibility of the student to acquire and retain the appropriate visa. For more information, visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada's website at

Can I take an individual class on campus?
No, Charis classes are taught systematically to give students a solid foundation so they can receive the most spiritually and academically from the program. However, you can take individuals classes at home through Distance Learning

What are Charis mission trips like?
Charis mission trips are typically between 7-10 days in length and are scheduled during the school year. Locations change from year to year based upon hosts and scheduling restrictions. Previous locations have included: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, India, Thailand, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize, the Dominican Republic, Argentina and Ecuador. Students will need a valid passport by the start of their second year.

Will more Charis locations be opening in Canada?
Our vision is that Charis Bible College will expand to major cities all across Canada. It is important that we build a strong foundation for our main campus in Toronto, which will ultimately be the "hub" for all future Canadian campuses. We are believing for God's full of the people, the plan, the finances, and the timing as we grow.
If you would like to help us with our vision for Canada, please consider donating to Charis Bible College Canada.