Distance Education

Begin when you're ready, study at your own pace, and allow God to change your life.

We understand not everyone is able to move to one of our campus locations, and if that is you, you will love our Distance Education Program! Whether you desire to prepare for the ministry or sit under great teaching for personal development, this program will get you started.


    - Entire 1st Year of Charis Bible College offered remotely
    - Take anytime, anywhere at your own pace
    - 42 courses, 336 hours of video
    - No Internet connection required

    Distance Education is offered as 2 options:
    1) eCHARIS
    2) Traditional Correspondence


eCharis offers you over 336 hours of life- impacting teaching, our Charis Bible College course content that teaches the unconditional love and grace of God and how to walk in your true identity. This is delivered on an iPad, through our "eCharis App".

Broken into 3 x sessions with 42 modules taught by 14 faith-filled men of God, there is nothing that matches the depth and quality of teaching of this product, anywhere.


    - All 42 courses pre-loaded on an iPad   (Internet connection required only for tests)
    - Complete package includes the iPad, protector case, satchel and courses on USB drive
    - All tests are marked within the iPad automatically and your grades are instantly displayed.
    - Certificate of Completion, awarded after completion of all courses, grants eligibility to any Charis Bible College around the world

Start anytime. Study at your own pace. Sign up today.


The Correspondence Program is available in DVD or USB format*, and is made up of first-year class sessions recorded live at the Charis Bible College Colorado campus. There are 42 courses available. If you prefer this form of study, please email study@charisbiblecollege.ca for more information.

*Correspondence material is registered to one student, and may not be distributed, shared or reproduced without written consent from AWMC.


To complete the first year in the Distance Education Program, you must finish all 42 courses. A course is considered complete only if you have received a final grade of 70% or better. Some courses have suggested prerequisites. This includes series courses. For example, it is best to take Holy Spirit I before Holy Spirit II. Aside from such prerequisites, you are free to take whichever course you choose in any term that it is available.

eCHARIS and Traditional Correspondence have identical content and credit towards first-year program completion. 1st year must be completed within 24 months as a prerequisite for 2nd year

Once you finish the entire Correspondence Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which makes you eligible to attend the Second-Year Practical Ministry Training at any of our worldwide Charis Bible College campuses. The second year is not offered through distance learning, as it is a more practical, hands-on ministry experience that requires your presence at the college.