All Students (1st & 2nd Year Programs)

  Paid in full in advance $3,625      
  Paid by installments $4,025
             Paid by term $1,342    (x3)
             Paid monthly $450(x9)

Discounts are available for spouses or family members who live at the same address: TUITION DISCOUNTS



Application Fee

This one-time fee is non-refundable and non-transferable for all new Charis Toronto students.
Married couples may share this fee, i.e. $100 total for husband and wife.
In the event that Charis Toronto is unable to accept your application, this $100 Application Fee will be reimbursed.

  Application Fee $100     

All Students

The following fees must be paid by all students on or before September 4, 2018.

  Your choice of: Day School    
  a) Book Fees - Paper $240
  b) Book Fees - Electronic $100

Second-Year Students only

(3rd-Year students who opt to lead a mission trip will be required to pay for their trip)

The following fees will be due during the school year for second-year students only:

  Mission Trip (will vary depending on destination)

   A deposit of $250 is payable in 4 installments: 15th Sept, 15th Oct, 15th Nov & 15th December 2017
  Balance due as advised

  Graduation $60 (cap,gown and tassels) Due before Sept. 4, 2018